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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Rant on Waste

Last week I posted about the case of clothing retailers in New York destroying brand new merchandise rather than offering it to organizations that help the poor. This week, there was yet another New York Times news report about the intentional destruction of new clothing.

This time, the city of New York was in charge of the destruction. Twelve tractor-trailer loads of knock off merchandise, including men's suits, winter coats, shoes and underwear were shredded, while many additional tons of new clothing and shoes were incinerated.

Apparently until 2009, the Police Department routinely offered knock-off clothing to charitable organizations like World Vision and New York City Clothing Bank. After the labels and logos were removed or altered to prevent resale, the clothing and shoes would be distributed to needy people throughout the city, and, in the case of World Vision, thoughout the world.  At some point, someone responsible for the hand off from government agency to charity made a mistake. The excuses are pretty lame, as in "they never asked for it." How stupid and wasteful can you get!!?? Now, as a direct result of the 2009 fiasco, there is an acute shortage of men's clothing for the needy in NYC.

I don't guestion the legitimacy of actions taken by law enforcement agencies to shut down counterfeit operations. But, come on, let's use some common sense. I don't know how this kind of monumental waste can be eliminated in the future. Any thoughts?


  1. You would think that after the Haiti disaster, they could send some of the clothes to the island. Or have a thrift shop selling the clothes and using the profits for programs. What a waste!

  2. I'm hoping this kind of waste makes people made enough to do something about it. I like the idea of a thrift shop selling clothing to raise money for Haiti.

  3. The world unfortunatly is full of stupid people. There is always a way to help people no matter what it is. Clothing could of been sent to Haiti easily. It all comes down to money. Who would pay for sending it there? Exactly. Oh no, lets not do something unselfish. Wouldnt want to do that. Dissapointing

  4. Hi Surviving & Thriving,
    Perhaps all the awful images coming out of Haiti will give people the nudge they need to make sure usable clothing goes to those who can use it most.
    thanks for commenting.